TITANIUM FRAMES: Titanium is especially problematic to optical frame repair, but we can do it!  We use  state-of-the-art laser welding to bond all types of titanium frames.


METAL FRAMES: Soldering of eyeglass frames, including plating and re-painting of the frame to look like new. We use the finest solder available in the optical industry.


PLASTIC FRAMES: Many times plastic frames can be mended by bonding the plastic back together with a pin bond. (Age of frame and location of break will determine success of the repair.)

At FrameDoctors we are dedicated to providing you with expert eyeglass repairat a fraction of the cost of new eyeglasses.

We pride ourselves in providing fast, friendly, expert service. We are well-trained and experienced in the repair of a wide variety of eyeglass types and can perform virtually any type of repair. 

We make sure your eyeglasses are not only repaired and adjusted, but we also touch up the finish on the repaired area so that they look good on your face.

And we can perform most repairs 
"while you wait", 
because you need your glasses now!

In addition we carry a big selection of quality, fashionable sunglasses by some of the finest manufacturers in the world. 



REPLACEMENT OF TEMPLES (or arms, bows, the pieces that go over your ears): We stock thousands of replacement temples. We have temple pairs to compliment virtually every eyeglass type, style and color.

Broken Screw Drill-Outs

Broken Hinges On Plastic Frames

Anti-Reflective Coating Removal

Cable Temple Conversions 

Paint Touch-ups

Stainless Steel Screw Conversion 

Frame Straightening
Cleaning & Reconditioning

And a variety of other things too numerous to mention!!

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